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45° North Creative crafts websites and digital marketing campaigns that help you reach more customers. Honest pricing. Zero hassles, so you can focus on running your business.

We help businesses reach their customers in today's crowded digital landscape

The web is a busy place these days, and it's harder than ever to stand out from the competition.

You need a partner who listens and seeks to understand your business—inside and out. An agency that develops solid marketing strategies and responds quickly to change.

45° North Creative is a full-service digital agency that can handle all of your needs: web design, application development, email marketing, SEO, and more.

See what we've done for our amazing clients:

T's Tacos

Jack's Roadside BBQ

Developing K.I.D.S.

Mockup of several website designs from 45 North Creative on mobile phone screens.

Trusted Expertise

We've been providing our partners with best-in-class digital marketing services since 2012. Over that time, there are a lot of things we've gotten good at.

No two businesses are the same. That's why we build custom solutions for every one of our clients.

“Words cannot express my gratitude for you to take your skill, time and energy to put [our site] together. This has put us on a much higher level!”

Kimberly Johnson

CEO, Developing Kingdoms in Different Stages (K.I.D.S.)

Hi, I'm Dylan—founder of 45° North Creative and one of the senior developers here.

I launched our agency with the mission of putting New York style and Silicon Valley technology within the reach of everyday business owners.

I grew up working in a small, family-owned business. My guiding philosophy is to treat every client like I would my grandparents' store

Our team of web designers, programmers, graphic designers, and content writers are here to build you a website that gets results, and maintain it for you so you can focus on running your business.

If you want to learn more about how my agency can help your business, call me at (248) 270-8333 or send me an email.

Portrait shot of Dylan Layne Tanner, founder of 45 North Creative


How much does it cost to build a website?

That depends entirely on your business goals. Most of the projects we work on are in the $4,000 to $10,000 range. A simple "brochure site" costs less than an ecommerce store or a custom web app.

Typically, half of the cost of a project goes to promoting your site once it's launched. We'll never sell you on something that your business wouldn't benefit from. The proposal we build for you will have options in multiple price ranges—you choose what's best for your business.

How will a new website help us get more customers?

When we build a site, we take a lot of things into account: who your customers are, how they make a purchase decision, and even what kinds of devices they access the internet on. A new website from 45° North Creative will make it easier for potential customers to find you, learn about your business, and buy your products or services.

Along the way, we gather important data on how your customers are using your site and make small, incremental changes to streamline their experience and play to your business's strengths.

How does billing work?

We require a 33% deposit to get started. Then, we bill on specific milestones (like finishing your site, designing a restaurant menu, or setting up your social media accounts). Hosting, website maintenance, and SEO services are billed monthly. Our proposals and invoices feature transparent, easy-to-understand line item billing.

How do I make changes to my website?

We handle updates however it's convenient for you. We build websites using October CMS, a content management system that makes it incredibly easy for you and your team to edit your site. If you prefer to send us an email or a Slack message when you want changes, we can do that too.

Who hosts my website?

The vast majority of our customers host their websites with us as part of our monthly Digital Business Support package, which also includes minor edits, website security, and search engine optimization. We host our sites on an enterprise-grade cloud architecture powered by Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, and Cloudflare—which is another way of saying your site will load fast and stay secure.

What if I'm not happy with the work I receive?

We've built a reputation on working hard to ensure that our clients are satisfied and receiving the value they deserve. If you have concerns about your project, we'll work hard to make things right. If your site has not been launched yet, you can cancel the project and only pay your initial deposit.