About Us

Founded in 2012 (as Glaance Creative Media), 45° North Creative is a Michigan-based web design and digital marketing agency dedicated to helping Main Street businesses succeed online.

Dylan Layne Tanner

Founder / Senior Developer

Dylan got his start in coding at the age of ten, creating games for MS-DOS with a copy of QuickBASIC that an uncle gave him.

After graduating from Oakland University with a B.A. in History in 2011, he co-founded Excellence for Detroit, a nonprofit providing free, high-quality college prep services to Detroit high school students.

He founded 45° North Creative (then called Glaance Creative Media) in 2012. Dylan is a full-stack developer who mostly does front end coding and Laravel / October CMS development. He also oversees every project and handles client communications.

Outside of work, Dylan enjoys swimming, playing piano and guitar, and watching Michigan Wolverines football.

Aedon Tanner

Senior Developer

Aedon is 45° North Creative's resident coding genius. Originally a Python and Javascript developer, he has also become a seasoned PHP developer through the agency's work with Laravel and October CMS.

Day-to-day, Aedon handles a lot of backend development as well as DevOps and server administration. He's the person who will make sure your website is always on and running smoothly. On the frontend, Aedon creates animations and transitions for client websites using GSAP.