Search Engine Optimization

We use proven strategies—tailored to your industry and business model—to boost your search engine rankings and increase traffic and sales.

Building a great website is only the first step

An eye-catching website can do wonders for your business, but only if your customers can find it. Launching a new site means starting from square one. Placing higher in search rankings can boost your sales and open you up to new opportunities.

Search engine optimization helps customers find you easier, increasing your brand visibility and sales.

Every site we build is hand-optimized for search engines using appropriate tags, keywords, and microdata.

Because Google takes mobile performance into account when serving up search results, we also take time to ensure that your users will have a beautiful, performant experience on phones and tablets.

No matter what industry you're in, we have a range of strategies we can deploy to help your customers find you more easily on the web.

Content Writing

Google rewards sites that offer authoritative, well-written content. We have talented content writers and skilled researchers who can produce one-off or ongoing content for your site. We perform keyword analysis on everything we produce to make sure that it is attracting the traffic you want.

Backlink Building

Backlinks from high-quality sites often make the difference in pushing a site higher than its competition. We identify link building opportunities that are relevant to your business (like guest blogging, press releases, and spots in major publications) and help you target the best ones.

Local SEO

If you're a brick-and-mortar business looking to drive traffic to a physical location, you need to think locally. Influencer marketing. Geotargeting. Social media strategy. We'll find the places your customers frequent online. Then, we'll develop platform-specific strategies for reaching them.

Pay Per Click

One of the fastest ways to start getting results online is to run a targeted pay per click campaign. We can design and manage your Google Adsense campaigns. Plus, we work with many other niche PPC networks that can drive traffic in a more cost-effective way.

Technical SEO

Increasingly, search engines are looking at site performance in determining their rankings. We work meticulously to raise our clients' Lighthouse quality scores—metrics that have a direct result on search engine results page (SERP) placement.

Custom Needs

Need something more? 45° North Creative is more than a web design studio: we're full stack developers who can build web and mobile applications and third-party integrations to empower your team and keep your customers happy.